10 romances to read before Summer ends

No matter the season romance is always a great genre to read. Feeling blue? Read a romance. Feeling romantic? Read a romance. Winter is coming and you’re already feeling that seasonal depression? READ A ROMANCE! The thing about romance is that it can be such a fun genre so why not read a love story? It gives off that feeling we all love and that we’re all out looking for or if we’re lucky enough to have found our partner it’s still a feeling that keeps that love going.

There are a ton of subgenres within romance and most likely everyone can find a book that speaks to them. I generally prefer contemporary rom-coms, general contemporary romance, romantic suspense and young adult romance but there’s so much more out there. Maybe one day I’ll take a chance and try another romance subgenre since, you know, romance is all about taking chances anyway. But for now, I’ll stick to what I already know I love.

Let me quickly tell you about some of the other subgenres. There’s also paranormal romance, sport romance, western romance, historical romance, erotic romance, sci-fi/fantasy romance, spiritual romance, contemporary rom-coms, general contemporary romance, romantic suspense, young adult romance and still, probably, so much more but these are the common ones you’ll typically find.

Since the end of last year, I’ve been incorporating romance into my reading. I now own a nice amount of romances that to no ones surprise has been piling up on my shelves and that I have yet to start reading but it all changes today! These are 10 that I’m hoping to read before the Fall season fully hits.