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Pages: 370
Publication: Lake Union
Release date: June 1, 2018
How I got the copy: Thomas Allen & Sons
Rating: 5/5

This is the first book I’ve read written by Maddie Dawson and Matchmaking for Beginners definitely stole my heart. I absolutely love this book for it’s pure and heartfelt story. It kept me anticipating what’d happen next and what other kind of situation Marnie would get herself into next! This book made me laugh, made me emotional, and made me love it. It’s a well-rounded story, probably the best love story I’ve read this year, that’s not only a romantic love story but a book about all different types of love. Love stories about lovers, friendships, family, pets, and love of life itself.  

Matchmaking for Beginners follows Marnie MacGraw, a person who seeks an ordinary life because it’s what she thinks is the next steps for her and with her suburban family also telling her it’s probably time to settle down. She’s engaged to the man of her dreams, Noah, but only a few days into their marriage he breaks her heart.  

Marnie meets Noah’s eccentric aunt, Blix, who’s the outcast of the family that believes in the universe, magic, and casts spells and Blix knows this is why she even showed up to that particular family function. Blix immediately feels the connection between Marnie and knows she has the same powers as her. She’s a matchmaker.  

There’s an abundance of amazing characters in this story that exude off the pages of this book. They’re full of live and completely fleshed out that I’d believe they’re real life people. There are so many different kinds of people in this book! We read about old, young, working professionals, the rich kid, the starving artist, entitled, beautiful souls and more but written in only two different perspectives, Blix and Marnie’s. 

I also felt the emotion seeping off the page, certain scenes brought tears to my eyes, I could feel the pain, and others had me feeling the chaos and the happiness in Marnie’s life. Not only are the characters amazingly written, the dialogue feels real and the plot is done really well! Getting to know these characters, and their lives, is done in a beautiful pace, complex and complicated, that I didn’t feel it was rushed or that there’s any fluff within the story. Everything that happens is on purpose and I didn’t find it predictable.  

Ultimately, it’s the message of the story and the emotion I received from this that stole my heart and why I love it so much. Marnie, with her flaws and overthinking about her life's purpose (personally, very relatable), is pure and kind and it’s what pulled me into the story immediately. I couldn’t have asked for this book at a better time because of what Marnie is going through, which I find myself, in ways, in the same situation. She overthinks and is seeking for her ultimate life purpose or what to do with her life but, like this book mentions we need to trust the universe and that’s what Marnie does for three months.  

Be Open to what doesn’t seem possible, and you will be amazed what can happen
— Matchmaking for Beginners, pg 194
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Like I mentioned, this book couldn’t have come into my life at a better time. I’ve been reading, listening and learning about following your intuition and it’s everything this book is about! Blix believes in the universe, intuition, manifesting, auras, etc. and Marnie is learning how to stop trying to be ordinary and let the universe show her how extraordinary she is with the powers she possesses. I love the message this book tells to those struggling to be ordinary because those people shouldn’t be trying to be ordinary, the universe won’t allow it and thing that shouldn’t be in your life will continue to fall apart. Everything happens for a reason, just because we may want something doesn’t mean it’s right for us. The universe has bigger things aligned for those! 

I guess I should also mention, Matchmaking for Beginners is set in three different place, California, Florida, and NYC. Witnessing the different types of lifestyles in each city, which is the perfect depiction that shows everyone has a different path in life. Marnie tries very hard to fit in suburban Florida because of her family and her sister’s “perfect” life there but Marine has always been the sister that makes a mess of things and it’s beautiful to read about. 

If you’re not into energy, but you are into love stories I can tell you that you’ll enjoy this book. I’ve already said but this book is full of love stories of all different types and it’s beautiful. This book shows the beauty of a messy, well-lived life full of love, passion, happiness.  

*A copy of this book was provided by Thomas Allen & Sons in exchange for an honest review*

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