Stereoblind by Emma Healey | Book Review


Pages: 112
Publication: House of Anansi Press
Release date: April 3, 2018
How I got the copy: House of Anansi Press
Rating: 2/5

I don’t read many poetry collections and I don’t know much about poetry so this most likely won’t be very long and a pretty basic review of Stereoblind.

Straight from the beginning the collection is dark covering issues such as mental health, coming-of-age millennials, Ontario culture and random thoughts growing up. I honestly didn’t understand much of it but I did find the collection interesting because of its dark but realistic elements for it’s coming-of-age struggles.

What confused me while reading this are the jumps between topics. There’s a lot of back and forth and already not knowing much about poetry and having the topics bouncing back and forth did trip me up. I found myself rereading many passages to fully understand what the message is supposed to be.

I don’t have much more to comment on since I feel qualified to really critique this. It’s super quick to get through, it’s only about 100 pages long with short passages, and there are a lot of interesting topics discussed.

If you’re more of a poetry reader I truly believe this collection would be more enjoy to you than it was for me and especially if you’re from Ontario or even Canada.

*A copy of this book was provided by House of Anansi Press in exchange for an honest review*