The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin | Book Review

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Pages: 346
Publication: Penguin Publishing Group
Release date: January 9, 2018
How I got the copy: Penguin Random House Canada
Rating: 5/5

Trigger warning: suicide

I love this book. It’s definitely my favourite book that I’ve read this month and I can see it being one of my favourite books of the year. I connected with this book, its message, so much.

The Immortalists is categorized as fiction and fantasy. I wouldn’t really consider this as a fantasy book but it all depends on your perspective and what you believe in. There’s so much unknown in this world and I believe it’s possible that some people have the abilities to connect with a higher energy or power that gives them the ability to have mystical experiences.

Set in 1969 in New York City’s Lower East Side through 2010 in San Francisco, and a few other cities, The Immortalists follows the lives of four adolescents who sneak out to hear their fortunes by a mystical women, a traveling psychic, who claims to have the ability to tell anyone when they’ll die.

Told in four parts, each part in the point of view of a sibling, which makes each character so much stronger once we arrive to their point of view.

I absolutely love the descriptive and beautiful writing of The Immortalists. I tend to prefer books that are character driven and oh boy is this book character driven with strong characters. Another thing I absolutely love about this book is it’s entire vibe. The atmosphere and the energy of the 70’s that took place at the beginning.

The Immortalists threw me right into 70’s glory. It holds so much 70’s energy and showcases the liberation, the unknown and how scary it could be for some people. It really gives you the sense of how life was for people of the 70’s in New York City and San Francisco and raises important themes.

I have so much praise for this book. I believe this book will find a special place in the hearts of wanderers and believers of mystic energies. It shows the complexities of decisions and how decisions affects other people. It shows how each character is connected throughout the entire book without even knowing the affects it has on others. The Immortalists is magical and I will treasure it forever.

*A copy of this book was provided by Penguin Random House Canada in exchange for an honest review*